Welcome!  I'm a Seattle Native now living in Alaska via Charleston.  Crazy right?  Talk about your cross continent moves.  Life is always full of surprises and while we never thought we would be living in Alaska, we are going with the flow!

I enjoy spending time with my hubby and little boy, crafting, design, updating websites, baking...I do love my hobbies what can I say?!?

A few more things {in case you're curious}...
I love to laugh and have fun. ♥ I used to be a teacher. ♥ We have an adorable schnoodle named Cookie ♥ I have a vertigo disorder. ♥  My favorite color is pink! ♥ Coffee is always a must.  ♥  I have an obsession with chapstick and nail wraps. ♥ Cupcakes & Chevron forever!
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