January 31, 2017


I wanted to share a few items from the "Love Collection" that you can find in my shop.
These are such a good deal!  They are only $4.00 AND they are a digital file so you can print them from home or at your favorite print shop.  As a side note they display best when they are printed from a professional printer. 

Check them out HERE!

Valentine Treat Packaging

I'm a sucker for cute packaging.  You can check out lasts year post about packaging here.  This year I found a few items at Fred Meyer, they are not necessarily "valentine" themed but I thought the colors were perfect!
I made a few easy treats including chocolate covered pretzels (my go to simple treat) and valentine M&M cookies.  For the pretzels I have a tutorial posted HERE and for the cookies I just followed the Nestle Toll House recipe except I made them extra BIG.

The packaging I found at Fred Meyer - it's from American Greetings.  The tags are from my shop Miss Design Girl- only $1.99 for a printable sheet.  The ribbon is from Michaels.

How cute are these treats all wrapped up?!  The pretzel boxes and cookie sleeves... heart eyes!
These would be perfect for teachers or for Valentine's Day parties.


Valentine's Day is the perfect time for cute and tasty treats!  I've picked a few cookie treats that look divine!

Dessert for Two

Sincerely Jean

Something Swanky

It's Always Autumn

January 10, 2017


HELLO 2017!!!

How about a new iphone wallpaper?!?  Sounds good right?  Here ya go...

Pink Polka Dot iPhone Wallpaper

Simply click on the image below to view at full size and save.

 1. Upload the images to your iphone 
 2. Go to your photos and select "use as wallpaper" 
 3. Adjust the perspective until you have it just right and click "set" 
 4. Click "set both" or "set lock screen" or "set home screen" 
 5. Enjoy for personal use only! 

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