August 31, 2016

harry potter party

Several months ago I read the Harry Potter series for the first time. I know I know...honestly I thought they would be too juvenile.  After reading them- WOW- I get it, I laughed and cried too many times to count.  Sounds a little cheesy but I LOVED them.  The movies were showing around the same time on tv so I would watch them with my son and he became a fan.  He's actually listened to a few of the books on cd as well and we are currently reading the first one together.

When it came to picking his birthday theme this year he decided on Harry Potter.  I was game!  His birthday was very low key since a week before we were at Aulani (I'll post more on that later).  I didn't have a lot of time to throw it together, so unlike me...usually I prepare months in advance.  Even with just a few days to prepare it turned out great and he loved it all.

Here we go...there are a lot of pictures!!

A lot of the items I designed myself but I did have a shopping trip to Michaels and the party store as well as utilizing some items I found on Pinterest and Etsy.  I will post links to those.

Of course there is a Harry Potter font and you can find that here.  I used it to design the birthday sign and gift wrap.

I designed gift wrap using well known HP spells as well as adding a 10 for the birthday boy.  I used the extra gift wrap as a back drop.

We are house Gryffindor all the way and I printed off the crest from this source.

I hit up Michaels and it was perfect timing because all of their Halloween items are out. I really had to restrain myself because they weren't on sale!  lol! I picked up a few potion bottles, spell books, spiders and black cobwebs.  

As a side note the black cobwebs do not pull apart to create a stringy effect very well.

Our party stores are limited here in Alaska but I managed to find a Nagini...just a scaled down version.

How perfect are these potion bottles?!

I found these spell books at Michaels but you could certainly just make them yourself by covering books you all ready have.

Here is the gift wrap with the spells as well as deer "patronus" gift wrap.  FYI the deer gift wrap was left over from Christmas.  

Aragog the spider also showed up!

Harry needs his robes, wand, glasses and Hogwarts notebook.  The glasses, robes, glasses and golden snitch came from Party Craft.  The Hogwarts book printable can be downloaded here.

Lots of treats!  The test tubes I had all ready so last minute I thought to put some candy eyes in them.  Love how those turned out! I incorporated some candy items from Honeydukes candy shop.  I created the wrappers for the candy.

Harry Potter cookies!  I kept it easy with a lightening bolt, glasses, HP, quidditch broomstick, Hedwig and the deathly hallows symbol.

I think the Honeydukes chocolate bar wrapper was my favorite!

Lastly these adorable book marks are a free download and can be found here.

And that's a wrap!  

August 30, 2016

pumpkin spice + everything nice freebie

I'm ready for pumpkin spice everything!

Simply click on the image below to view at full size and save.

 1. Upload the image to your iphone 
 2. Go to your photos and select "use as wallpaper" 
 3. Adjust the perspective until you have it just right and click "set" 
 4. Click "set both" or "set lock screen" or "set home screen" 
 5. Enjoy for personal use only! 

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