May 14, 2016

End of the Year + Teacher Gift

Here we are at the end of another school year!

We had BIG summer plans but those vanished when my husband and son were in an ATV accident last weekend.  My son didn't get hurt but my husband broke his leg and had to have surgery, he's sporting two shiny new screws in his ankle.  I'll be nurse, chaperon, caretaker and anything else you can think of for the next 6 weeks- if not longer.  It could have been worse so I am  thankful!

Next week is the last week of school, how did this happen?  My son will be starting 4th grade next school year.  He's done so well this year, I'm so proud of him.  New state, new school, new teacher and classmates.  It was quite the transition but we made it!

He had a wonderful teacher this year and of course we went all out and spoiled her.  End of the year gift this year is a tote bag full of summer fun items!

What teacher wouldn't love this?  I picked up everything at Target...of course.  Bring on summer!

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