March 21, 2016

no bake avalanche cookies

I saw this recipe link on facebook, no-bake avalanche cookies, this sounds interesting.  Only 5 ingredients?  WHAT?  They are super easy and strangely addictive and what else am I going to do with 10 inches of snow outside?!

I found the recipe here, but there are several variations you can google.


1/2 cup of chocolate chips (the original says mini but I didn't have any hand)
2 cups of rice krispies cereal (I would add a bit more)
16 ounces vanilla candy coating
1 1/2 cups of mini marshmallows
15 ounces of creamy peanut butter

You'll also need 1 or 2 trays lined with parchment paper.

1.  Melt the candy coating according to the directions.

2.  Stir in the peanut butter.
3.  Pour the mixture over the rice krispies and stir.
Side Note:  The original recipe says to freeze the chocolate chips before mixing (I guess to help them from melting when you combine everything).  I did freeze them a bit, not very long though and they were fine.

4.  Let the mixture cool a bit and add the marshmallows and chocolate chips.
5.  Scoop out onto the parchment lined trays and refrigerate.  The yield amount will vary with how big you make them.

6.  Enjoy!

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