November 2, 2015

Halloween Recap + Snow + Red Cups

We made it through our first Halloween in Alaska.  I never thought we would be trick or treating in 30 degree weather with snow on the ground.  Oy was so cold!

We got more snow last night which made traffic a nightmare for commuters this morning.  Buses didn't make it to their stops, kids were late everywhere.  It took a long time to see any sanding trucks or snow plows, I assume from budget cuts.  This snow wasn't even that bad, I'm not looking forward to it when it gets really bad.

I previously mentioned my growing fall/winter clothing collection, I spent quite a few weeks trying to find the perfect winter boot.  I finally found them!  Shop Bop was having a sale and I managed to snag a pair of Sorel's for $75 (free shipping! to alaska?! yes please!)  I love them!  They are waterproof and lined so they keep your feet toasty warm.  I didn't want a tall boot so these are working well for me.  You can find them at Shop Bop or Zappos for around $100.

I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet buuuut the Starbuck's red cups are you know what that means?

Christmas prep is on!  It is snowy here, you can't really blame me!  :)

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