October 6, 2015


We had our first snow...in September!  Can you believe it?  I mean what the heck??  It only stuck around for a few days so I'm glad about that, my son?  Not so much.  I told him there would be plenty more coming.  Supposedly Anchorage had a very mild winter last year so I will be curious to see what happens this winter.

My prayers go out to all my friends and folks in South Carolina.  I just can't believe the flooding, I know it's called the Low Country for a reason but man the flooding is just brutal.  My old neighborhood seems to be holding strong, it's the road closures around the neighborhood that are making it hard to get out.  The state always has a way of coming together though and hopefully things will be getting better shortly.

We had our fall pictures taken in Palmer, AK.  They turned out great and I will ordering holiday photo cards from the fabulous Party Box Design who does ALL my photo cards and invites.  You can check out the shop HERE

Our little pup is growing and trying to show us who is boss, she's quite the little rascal.  

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