October 20, 2015

Halloween Coffee Gift & Printable

I found these cute polka dot coffee cups (with lids and sleeves) at Michael's.  I started thinking about what I could do with them since I bought them with no plans (*ahem* that happens a lot).  A few ideas later I came up with a simple Halloween gift!  I made this for my son's teacher, but you could make it for anyone.

What you'll need:
  • Coffee Cup (Celebrate It brand at Michael's in the Halloween/Thanksgiving section)
  • Printable Coffee Sleeve
  • Treats to fill up the cup
  • Glue, Scissors & String or Ribbon

Begin by printing off the coffee sleeve & cutting it out.  I peeled apart the cardboard sleeve that came with the coffee cups.
Glue the printable coffee sleeve onto the cardboard sleeve.
Add glue to the right side of the sleeve and connect the two sides.
Use a clip to hold the ends while it dries.

Slide the coffee sleeve into the cup...cute right?
Fill with goodies!  I used candy, lip balm from Crazy Rumors, Startbuck's gift card and a lollipop.

You can add a straw too!  I bought these at Target.

A few packaging ideas...

I finally settled on this for the final package idea...and that lollipop was just awkward. :) 
You can click on the image below to download the free printable.


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