October 26, 2015

Halloween Party Feature + Free Printables

My bestie over at Party Box Design throws the best parties!  Jess (Owner & Designer) threw an amazing Halloween party a few years ago that I wanted to share.  Many of the party decor printable items are available FREE to you and can be downloaded from the PBD website (links are located at the bottom of this post).  I will also include links for the party items that can be purchased.  Enjoy!

I mean really, isn't it amazing? 
 You can find the FULL party post on the Party Box Design blog HERE.

Jess is such a sweetheart and works hard as a small business owner, mommy to two little ones and wife.  What a treat to offer fabulous freebies!

Download Links

Printable Download items available HERE
Includes Water Bottle Labels, Cupcake Toppers & Tags, Party Signs, Food Tents 
& Favor Box Template

For Purchase
Wicked Invitation HERE
Wine Labels HERE
Beer Labels HERE
Stickers HERE
Drink Flags HERE

halloween mason jar

I love painting mason jars for the holidays and for gift giving.  I found this sweet little ghost mason jar on Pinterest from Simply Kierste.  You can find the tutorial here.  These are really just so easy and fun.  Plus it looks like you spent a long time on them!

Mobile Responsive

There have been some changes on the blog.  I installed a new template that allows the blog to be mobile responsive.  This means the blog can be viewed properly on devices such as tablets and phones, but there is always a way to view the web or desktop version.  I'm thinking it looks pretty cool.  :)  I'm also working on getting the FB page going again.

October 22, 2015

Fall Favorites

It's currently 27 degrees in Anchorage, yowzas!  Actually I don't mind the cold as long as the sun is shining, and those days have been few and far between.  We've been getting a lot of rain, I didn't realize it rained so much here.  I mean I am from Seattle so rain is not a new thing, but day after day - allllll day- it gets a little old.

Needless to say my wardrobe has taken a drastic turn, no more shorts, tank tops and capris ( I miss you SC sun).  I've had to restock my closet with vests, turtle necks, boots and jeans.  My collection is getting pretty good.  :) Vests are one of the go to clothing items here in Alaska along with boots!  Boots of every shape and size, and who doesn't love a good set of boots?!

You can be fashionable and warm!

Fall Favorites

October 20, 2015

Halloween Coffee Gift & Printable

I found these cute polka dot coffee cups (with lids and sleeves) at Michael's.  I started thinking about what I could do with them since I bought them with no plans (*ahem* that happens a lot).  A few ideas later I came up with a simple Halloween gift!  I made this for my son's teacher, but you could make it for anyone.

What you'll need:
  • Coffee Cup (Celebrate It brand at Michael's in the Halloween/Thanksgiving section)
  • Printable Coffee Sleeve
  • Treats to fill up the cup
  • Glue, Scissors & String or Ribbon

Begin by printing off the coffee sleeve & cutting it out.  I peeled apart the cardboard sleeve that came with the coffee cups.
Glue the printable coffee sleeve onto the cardboard sleeve.
Add glue to the right side of the sleeve and connect the two sides.
Use a clip to hold the ends while it dries.

Slide the coffee sleeve into the cup...cute right?
Fill with goodies!  I used candy, lip balm from Crazy Rumors, Startbuck's gift card and a lollipop.

You can add a straw too!  I bought these at Target.

A few packaging ideas...

I finally settled on this for the final package idea...and that lollipop was just awkward. :) 
You can click on the image below to download the free printable.


October 19, 2015

scarecrow snacks/mix

I found this fun idea over at Love the Day.  It's super easy and a wonderful combination of salty and sweet.

You can find the recipe and printable  HERE.  I found most items at WalMart, but I did have to improvise on some things.

My son had fun helping me mix it all up!  We packaged it up for his teacher and the rest of the school faculty.

I included a scoop and nut cups for the teachers and staff for easy access.

October 16, 2015

caramel apple sangria

Tonight we were supposed to have a cocktail party but plans changed when my son was hit with a sinus infection.  All my prep down the drain...but that's how it goes with kids right?  My hubby and I are going to be enjoying some lovely bacon jam, chicken artichoke spread, crackers & cheese for dinner.  

One of the cocktails we were going to serve was a Caramel Apple Sangria, I decided to go ahead and make it so I could at least try it!

I found the recipe via Dream Book Design on Pinterest.


2 Cups Apple Cider

1 Bottle Barefoot Refresh Crisp White Spritzer

2 Apples cored and diced ( I used honey crisp apples, my favorite)

6 oz Caramel flavored Vodka

Caramel sauce for glass rim

Mix all the ingredients and store in the fridge for several hours.  Dip your glass rim in caramel sauce and then enjoy!  I added extra caramel IN the drink.

The apples are really tasty so grab a spoon while you're at it and dig in!  :)

October 6, 2015


We had our first snow...in September!  Can you believe it?  I mean what the heck??  It only stuck around for a few days so I'm glad about that, my son?  Not so much.  I told him there would be plenty more coming.  Supposedly Anchorage had a very mild winter last year so I will be curious to see what happens this winter.

My prayers go out to all my friends and folks in South Carolina.  I just can't believe the flooding, I know it's called the Low Country for a reason but man the flooding is just brutal.  My old neighborhood seems to be holding strong, it's the road closures around the neighborhood that are making it hard to get out.  The state always has a way of coming together though and hopefully things will be getting better shortly.

We had our fall pictures taken in Palmer, AK.  They turned out great and I will ordering holiday photo cards from the fabulous Party Box Design who does ALL my photo cards and invites.  You can check out the shop HERE

Our little pup is growing and trying to show us who is boss, she's quite the little rascal.  

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