September 16, 2015

Cool Gift |Ninja Pencils|

If you have a Ninja in your house like I do, they are going to love these pencils!  I was shopping today at a cute little gift shop in town and found these pencils.

I also just found them at Amazon for a lot cheaper!  You can find them HERE

September 14, 2015

angry birds

Since we just moved to Alaska we did not have a big birthday party for my son and you know what?  He was okay with that.  School just started so he hadn't had a chance to meet many friends yet and honestly I did not want to invite the entire class, our house is not that big.

He wanted a theme even though we weren't throwing a big party, that's my boy!  He picked Angry Birds.  We kept it simple with party decorations, homemade cookies, presents, pizza from his favorite place, a day at the county fair and movie night.  It was pretty great.

September 10, 2015


Simply click on the image below (this will increase the size) and save. 

 1. Upload the image to your iphone 
 2. Go to your photos and select "use as wallpaper" 
 3. Zoom in and out until you have it just right and click "set" 
 4. Click "set both" or "set lock screen" or "set home screen"
 5. Enjoy for personal use only!

p.s. I use the image with the deer for my "locked" screen.  :)

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