December 10, 2015

Waterless Snowglobe DIY

Waterless snow globes are fun and festive for the holidays.
Here's what you need to create your own.
Embellishments such as trees, small ornaments, woodland creatures, etc.
Mason Jar
Jingle Bells
Faux Snow (I used Snow Flurries that I purchased at Michael's)
Hot Glue

1.  Take off the the lid and flip it over, you will glue your embellishments here.  Don't get too crazy because the jar has to be able to fit over whatever you glue down.

2.  Fill your jar with a tiny bit of faux snow (if you use too much the snow will cover your embellishments and you won't be able to see them).

3.  Put the lid back into the jar (your embellishments will be upside down) and tighten.

4.  Flip your jar over and the snow will drop down.

5.  Tie the twine and bells around the base.

There are so many fun versions you can create.  How about vintage pink?

Or a LEGO Santa skier?

Here's something about putting together a globe kit to give as a gift?
Simply package up all the items and nestle into a box with kraft shred.

Don't forget the instructions!  You can download yours HERE.

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