December 9, 2014


This is so fun and soooo easy!!  Let's make a confetti bunting.  They are so festive and you can put them anywhere!

You'll need:

Gold & Silver Cardstock Paper (I got mine at Joann Fabrics in the scrapbook aisle)
Circle Punches (any size)
Glue Dots

1.  Punch out the circles (the cardstock has a plain white side)

2. Place several glue dots on the back/white side of a circle. Then place the twine in the middle.

3.  Place another circle (same size) on top of glue dots.  The white sides should meet and the glittery sides are showing.

4.  Place the circles about 1 inch apart and make the bunting as long as you want! I alternated the circle size for a little contrast.

I decorated my beloved gold bar cart with the bunting.  I have a funny story about this bar cart that I'll save for another time!

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