January 21, 2014

Tweet Valentine's Party Free Printables

Party Box Design is offering a whole collection of free Valentine printables.

You can view and download them HERE



January 11, 2014

"Be Mine" Free Printable Tags for Valentine's Day

Another super cute Valentine's Day freebie...this one comes from Everyday Occasions.

download here
image: Everyday Occasions


January 6, 2014

valentine freebies

Check out these super cute Valentine Freebies...it's not too early right?

Just click HERE for the link.


January 4, 2014


2013 marked a year of big changes for our little family.  Almost one year ago today we packed up and moved from Seattle all the way across the country to South Carolina.  It was a hard decision but looking back everything really did fall into place smoothly.  We sold our old home in a matter of days and closed on our new home right away.  We've met new friends and my son has a whole neighborhood of kids to play with.  It's been an adjustment- life is just different here and then we left our entire family and close friends behind.  This Christmas was bittersweet, it was low key and relaxing but we did miss our family back home.  Moving is hard- even if you're in the same area- it's stressful, tiring and you feel like the nightmare will never end but it does...eventually.  

My son struggled with the school transition but I know he is the best school in the district.  That doesn't mean that I didn't cry after I dropped him off at school because he would start to cry and get anxiety when we neared the drop off location.  Man it was rough.  

After a few months the stress finally caught up with me...trying to be strong for my son, my husband, getting the new house together, finding new doctors, adjusting to a new location and life.  I don't know how many times I called my mom up in tears.  Some of my hair fell out and I had more then a few moments of - "what the hell were we thinking???" 

Then there's been the sickness- when we first moved here we ALL got sick for about a month.  I think we just kept passing it around.  Summer went by fine and then school started and my son got strep throat twice, a sinus infection, the flu on christmas eve and then a severe viral rash due to the flu or the tamaflu he was taking.  My hubby and I both got the stomach flu and I'm now currently fighting off a head cold.  I had two leg surgeries, they went great.  I'm hoping we're good for awhile...I mean come on...enough is enough for awhile.  

While it's been a stressful year and it would be easy to focus on the negative. I'm trying to count my blessings.  We have friends and family that are just a phone call away.  I have a wonderfully supportive husband and a happy go lucky boy (when he's not sick).  We have insurance to pay for all the medical issues.  We have a fabulous house!  We are enjoying the sun and yes sometimes cold fall/winter in charleston.  We were able to take some really nice vacations.  It's not all bad right?  

I'm not going to sit down and make a bunch of goals for 2014 and get "myself organized"- I have to admit I got really tired of seeing those kind of posts on facebook.  What I am going to do is enjoy life more, try to live more in the present and stress less about the small things.  I guess those are goals in a way.  :) Life really is too short to sweat the small stuff though.  As I get older it becomes more apparent.  I cherish the people in my life who make an effort to still be a part of ours even though we moved.

Here's to a HAPPY and HEALTHY 2014!  

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