October 18, 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party

My son's birthday was in late August but we didn't have the big party until September.  We had initially thought we would invite his entire class but rethought that idea real quick.  Maybe if he had more of a chance to get to know them we might have gone for it but school had just started and I wasn't really up for dozens of strangers in my house.  We went for a smaller party with a few kids from his Kindergarten class and the neighborhood.

My son picked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as his theme, the new turtles not the "old" turtles.  I enlisted the help of my bff over at Party Box Design to help design the party decor.  Jess hand drew a turtle and incorporated that into the invitations and party items.

We held the party in the backyard and rented a TMNT bouncy house (awesome I know).  The party favor/dessert station was set up inside out of the heat and humidity.

Okay so here goes...

"Happy Birthday Duke" handmade party banner by Party Box Design
I spent so much time carefully tying crepe paper turtle masks onto  green lanterns (you know how annoying it is to knot crepe paper without it ripping apart?).  Yea all that hardwork went down the drain as the humidity loosened the crepe paper as soon as I hung them up outside and all the masks fell off before the party.  My son was disappointed with that, so was I.  Oh well...none of our parties have ever gone 100% perfect.

The bouncy house was a lot of fun for the kids and adults but beware the sun can really heat up those tarps which makes it hard on bare feet.

The drink flags were designed by Party Box Design and the chevron straws I purchased from Party Garden.
I made the table and favor station signs myself.  The water bottle labels also came from Party Box Design.
You can't have a ninja turtle party without pizza so of course...you know... we had pizza.
Annnnd the birthday boy in his ninja turtle shirt.  By the way mom and dad both had ninja turtle shirts on too, the "old" turtles.  
The lighting was horrible inside the house but we (and by we I mean Jess and I) did the best we could under the circumstances.  No professional photographer this year.  

I ordered the cupcakes from Publix and then iced them myself.  I made turtle cupcake toppers and added lime green sixlets and "ooze" to the cupcakes.  The baking cups came from Party Garden and Sweet Party Shop.
As I've mentioned before the party favors are always my favorite.  Each child picked out a green turtle goody bag.  I purchased the turtle mask and mouth template from Clearly Candace on Etsy.

I also whipped up Toxic Ooze (not really toxic of course) and I found the recipe via Our Best Bites.  

I made two types of cookies, sugar cookies with turtle heads and then chocolate covered oreos.  They needed a bag of course so I also bought the chevron bags from Party Garden.  The cute cookie stickers are from Party Box Design.
Cowabunga Candy and tassels (I made the tassel garland...oh my...y'all that make those for a living, I tip my hat to you).
Feeling Smitten created custom unique ooze bath pops for the party and they turned out SOOOO cute!  They were a big hit and of course Party Box Design created custom bath pop tags for them.  Take a bath Ninja!
I painted wooden peg dolls to add to the dessert/favor table.
It was hot, humid, sweaty kids everywhere but it was a blast, especially for the birthday boy!

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