May 10, 2013


Well the school year is winding down here.  My son is out at the end of the month and we're expecting a hot and humid summer here in South Carolina.  I guess that's the norm and no one is sugar coating it for us.  :)  The teachers appreciated all of their gifts last week. 

We also received the best news ever last week.  When we moved down here my son was labeled a non reader.  He was receiving a lot of extra help at school and we also hired a tutor to work with him.  She has been the biggest blessing, she knew exactly how to work with him.  I am so proud of him and how far he has come.  I was hoping he would be at grade level when he had is final reading test with his teacher but am so happy to say he is now reading at a first grade level.  In just 4 months... non reader to first grade- amazing!

We are settled into our house...the screen porch is done and our fence is installed.  The house is for the most part done- finally!  We're enjoying it a lot and it definitely feels like home.  I do miss some things about the PNW but every day I'm liking it a bit more here.  We've met a lot of nice people and families, became members at church and are exploring all of the cool things the south has to offer. 

Have a great weekend!  It's supposed to be 86 this weekend...woot! 
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