April 4, 2013

Pantry Makeover

I know... I know...we just moved into this house, how could it all ready need a makeover??  Well I'll tell you.  We've been in the house for about two months now.  The unpacking process was SO TEDIOUS, you get so tired you just start putting items away and the organization?  Screw that- it just goes out the window.

Here is the before...those wire shelves are a real stinker aren't they? I know it's bad.

Here's the clean out...frightening...

I made a trip to WalMart to pick up some foam board...in retrospect I probably didn't need it in addition to the liner but I used it anyway.  I also picked up a few baskets.

Now everything goes back in ... in a much more dignified manner.

I'm not one of those people that needs to label every container.  Labels are cute- but I can see everything in the basket I don't really need a label.  I've seen pinterest pantries that are decked out in see through containers and chalkboard labels but...I was going for cheap and easy.  :)

Much better eh?

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