February 19, 2013

lowcountry living

Well we made it to the south- I know it's been a LONG time since I blogged.  We made it down fairly easily and then we got hit with the sickness and we still have it!!  I have been to the doctors three times in the span of one month.  It started as an upper respiratory infection and now is totally sinus.  My husband is recovering from bronchitis and my son had sinusitis and currently is at home with a cough and drippy nose.  Really it's been crazy with the sickness- I think we were all just reinfecting each other.  I feel like (or at least hoping) that we are on the mend.

We are settling into our new house.  All the boxes are unpacked and everything is put away but moving a three bedroom single story into a 5 bedroom two story...uh yea...the house still feels empty!  lol!  Pretty much our old house except for the kitchen fits in our upstairs.  We ordered new furniture for our downstairs and that should be arriving next week.  I hope to post some pictures soon but as you know it takes time to finish the rooms like you want and even then they are always a work in progress.

My son started at his new school and is having a tough go of it.  He has made a lot of improvements in such a short time but they are a lot further along down here as far as reading goes.  We are working hard to catch him up but he's not terribly enthralled with school at this point.  Each day is a pep talk.  It's hard as a mom seeing your kiddos struggle, it's been really hard on me.  For goodness sakes I used to be a teacher!  It's totally different though working with a classroom of kids and working with your own.  We'll get there...slowly and maybe a little painfully...

Once we are healthy again we'll have more of an opportunity to enjoy our new state and see friends! 

Have a great week and I hope to post pictures soon.
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