September 18, 2012

dresser redo

I've been searching high and low for a dresser that would fit into my son's closet.  He doesn't have a ton of room so I've always just kept his clothes in his closet in those hanging shelves.  They were fine when he was a baby but bigger clothes need a dresser.  The problem was the size of his closet, it had to be narrow enough to pull the drawers out.  My friend found a dresser that would work on Craigslist for me but it sold before we could purchase it.  Lucky for us he had another one (seeing all the dressers in his garage- he must be a hoarder or makes a few bucks buying and reselling on Craigslist).

The only problem with the dresser was the smell.  It had an awful musty old smell and no amount of Febreze or sachets solved the problem.  I talked to my furniture makeover expert and she told me I'd have to prime it and paint it to get rid of the odor.  *sigh* I hate painting furniture.  Hats off to those who love it but it drives me crazy!  I sucked it up though.  Of course my son wanted orange, his favorite color, but it doesn't match anything in his room (yes I know it's in the closet and therefore isn't on display but one day it could be and I'd like it to match) so I compromised with orange drawers and a navy blue outside. 

Here's the before...

And the after...

The shelf paper doesn't really match but it was the best I could find at the time.  It turned out pretty good I think and the best thing?  No smell!

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