September 7, 2012

back to the routine

The dino-mite party has come and gone, pictures coming soon!  It was great, I think everyone had fun.  It was hot and humid yet again.  This year I added another canopy to sit under so it wasn't quite as bad.  My bestie was here to help with all the set up and take down.  Thanks Nanny T!

School started this week.  I had a rough start...I all ready had anxiety about D-Man going to such a big school then we had a major debacle on the first day.  I went to pick him up and he was no where to be found.  I got out of the car and went looking - I found his teacher and they had put him ON A BUS!!!  Oh my retrospect it was probably good I was struck dumb because I think if I had to do it over again I would have lost my mind and turned into a raving lunatic.  I did start crying...I had my sunglasses on so I don't think my son saw me-- I didn't want him to get upset because of course he was perfectly fine.  He told them he wasn't supposed to get on the bus and they said to me "we thought he was riding the bus?"  Uh no...I filled out paperwork saying I would be picking him up.  The rest of the week has been fine but let me tell you that was not a good start to the school year.  He seems to be enjoying it so far.

Oh and as a side latest obsession...anyone else?

Have a great weekend!

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