August 24, 2012

race to the finish

That's how I feel about the end of summer.  I've been getting ready for D-Man's party.  My craft room has turned's just a little sneaky peek...

D-Man also starts Kindergarten on the 4th so next week we're doing the "meet the teacher" thing and an academic assessment.  We briefly met his teacher at the Kindergarten orientation this past week and she seems very nice.  She is young with lots of energy...oh those were the days.  :)  He's going to the public school this year...all day.  Since we held him back because of his late birthday I felt like he could definitely handle all day, even if we do have to pay for it.  I hope he has a good year.  I am worried about him being at such a big school and being overwhelmed.  He's very social so I'm sure he'll so great.  You know those mom fears...they are always there.

We have a busy weekend/week ahead - packing in a lot of fun before school starts. RAWWWWRRRRR!!

Have a great weekend!

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