August 5, 2012


Okay remember when I was complaining about our lack of summer??  It's hit the PNW!

Holy cow it's been in the 80-90's this weekend with some humidity.  I thought I would sit outside Friday for a bit with my kindle and finish up a book.  There was a light breeze...drinking my iced coffee...the beautiful sunshine...I was out for only about 45 minutes or so-it was great.

A few hours later as I was walking through Target my legs were hurting...I lift up my pants...yeah sunburned...bad.  I knew I got some sun but didn't know how much- and only 45 minutes!  So I've been slathering on the aloe vera all weekend and trying to keep cool.  While we are actually enjoying the heat these are the times where I wish we had air conditioning throughout the house (we do have a little unit for our bedroom).  Most people don't have it here- it's just not necessary but oh it would be so nice right about now as our house is sitting at 82 degrees.  But I'm not complaining...yet!

VBS is this week is busy.  Have a great week... STAY COOL!

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