July 15, 2012

you can paint linoleum

As I've mentioned before we would like to move but just can't make the numbers work at this time so we've been slowly "fixing up" the house here and there.

This house was built in 1969 and still has some of the same features one of them would be the fabulous linoleum floor and green/white counter top in the master bathroom.  When I picture a master bathroom this is definitely not what I picture...haha BUT you just have to live with some things as they are.  There used to be a green sink so I'm super thankful we don't have that anymore.  While we couldn't afford to replace the floor or counter top I started shopping around for other fixes.  My friend and I started talking about painting the floor and she sent me a link to Linoleum Lacquer.  The process seemed pretty easy so why not give it a try.  I mean it can't look any worse right?

Okay please don't judge- I know this floor is bad but if you have linoleum you know how hard it is to get clean.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I clean.

Augh- this is so embarrassing so here goes...

We removed the trim and everything else was cleared out.  The picture above was after I cleaned the floor twice with TSP.  I didn't have to sand it because it was built before 1987.  After cleaning and prepping I applied two coats of the lacquer.  It is easy to apply- just like paint the only thing is you need three days for it dry so since I applied two coats (waiting three days between coats) we just stayed out of the bathroom for over a week.

Now keep in mind whatever pattern you have on the floor will show through, the lacquer just covers the color.  I'm not the most adventurous when it comes to color so I stuck with green since there is green flecks in the ginormous 1969 counter top. Linoleum Lacquer offers a lot of colors...even pink!

I would say it's not quite as bright green as the images portray, in person it's a bit more muted.

Here's an image with the new trim...

We had the bathroom painted a few months back.  I also painted the bottom part of the counter top and replaced all the drawer pulls.

Here's the final result...

So who would have thought you can paint your old skeezy linoleum!  :)  You can and it's very affordable!

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