July 8, 2012

summer is here...finally

I know I know...a lot of you are experiencing major heat melt downs.  100 degree weather and high humidity- blech!

Well we finally got some sun here in Seattle.  It's wonderful! Nothing major--high 70's (don't roll your eyes). Munchkin Pants is trying to master the slip and slide.  I didn't think it would need so much explaining but some things do take practice I guess.  I finally had to suck it up put on my bathing suit and show him how the pros do it.  And by pro I mean my brothers and I spent every single summer of our youth slipping our way down the slip and slide.  You can't beat the sore elbows and knees and the grass covered body.  While I'm sure it wasn't pretty...me zooming down the slide...it was fun!  :)

Stay cool, have a great week and how about a pink grapefruit margarita?

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