May 13, 2012

office/craft room makeover

I finally finished my office/craft room...on Mother's Day no less!  This is going to be a long post so sit down with a cup of joe and read on...

My husband bought our house as a bachelor and looking back we probably should have sold it (when the market was better) and purchased a house together.  The market took a nose dive so we are staying in our little rambler for awhile.  We've been fixing it up and I was finally able to get this room done!  Of course there are a few more things I'd like to do but for the most part it's finished.

So this is the before...hideous right?!?  There's nothing on the walls because I had all ready started purging but as you can see they were cream with a green accent wall.

The  pole near the ceiling might seem strange but it was awesome when I had my business and was selling tutus, I stored them on the pole...I use it all the time now for different things.  I used the two tables for crafting and of course there's the carpet.  Yes the table cloths are in bad shape.  It's all just sad.

Here it is after a late day of ripping out the carpet...once again don't freak out about the creepy kid tutu model.  HAHA!!  Most of the stuff is stashed in the closet but it all came out for the remodel.  It's amazing how much crap I had in there.

After the paint job... It's painted a light grey.

Here we are with everything moved out and about to start sanding the hard wood floors.

Fast's the result... **cue the hallelujah music**

My goal for this room was to make it more functional, light and airy. I wanted all the furniture white ... so the colors for the room are white and grey with accents of pink and turquoise.

I got rid of a ton of stuff- really purged so much.  We made a couple of runs to the dump but I still had a lot of stuff I had to find a new home for since I got rid of so much storage.  I did manage to find a spot for everything and of course the craft table we made provided quite a bit.

I picked up an ikea tullsta chair on craigslist and then bought a new cover for it at ikea this weekend.  I also got a great stool that moves up and down from Freddies... it fits the table perfectly.

I scored the grey window panels from Urban Outfitters for $14.00/panel on sale.  I can't believe what a difference curtains make...they really bring a room together I think.

I painted my desk (you'll notice it was brown in the first images) and I also painted the filing cabinet.  I'm not really sweating about the cords and the black chair eye sore.  Eventually I'd like to get a new chair and a chandelier but I'm happy with it for now.

What do you think?!?

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