May 4, 2012

d-man's room makeover

The house is getting done slowly but surely.

I finally finished my son's room!  Here is the before picture.

You can see the lovely cream colored carpet, the paint job he had since he was a baby and it was a nursery as well as the cluttered up toys.

Here it is after the new's grey which I totally love!  We also picked him up a new bed courtesy of craigslist for a great deal.  Oh and by the way that diaper changing table was stored in his closet and used as storage.  We finally got rid of that eyesore.

And here it is after...

I would have loved to change the theme and purchased new bedding for him but we just didn't have the funds for that.  Maybe when he's older.

We pulled up the carpet and redid the floors ourselves so now all the bedrooms have hardwood along with the rest of the house.  I added a little rug next to his bed and put his white table in the corner (used to be in the living room) and repainted his name (above his bed) to red instead of aqua.  I organized his closet a bit to fit more of his toys and created more storage with bins so his actual room doesn't have toys everywhere.

I think it turned out pretty good...he had some anxiety over all the changes...he's very routine oriented...wonder where he gets that from?!?  :)

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