March 19, 2012

fixing it up

Well the housing market sucks as you all know unless you want to buy which we do.  We were going to rent our place out and then go ahead and purchase a new home but we decided the time line would not work.  There were some things we needed to fix up in our house before we are comfortable either selling it or renting it in the future. 

We've decided to stay in this home another year or two and fix it up a bit.

There are so many great ideas out there especially on Pinterest.  There's almost too many ideas- I want to do it all but we have to stick to a strict budget.  We don't want to go into debt so we're going in baby steps.  Our living room is great as is so we are working on the kitchen and the bedrooms. 

We just had a bigger hot water tank installed so that was quite PRICEY but well worth the expense.  It fits in our kitchen under a cabinet- weird eh?  Well we do live in a 1969 home so even with a small tank the 20 extra gallons make a huge difference.  We are also re-doing the counter tops, they are currently a  lovely country blue color. We're having it painted and are replacing some light fixtures.  We will eventually have the cabinets painted but like I steps.  I will of course post before/after pictures when everything is done.

The bedrooms and bathrooms are all getting repainted as well.  We are ripping up the carpets in the bedroom to expose the original hard wood flooring in the rooms.  Our living room/hallway all ready have had their floors refinished.  It has been a nightmare ripping up the carpets and removing the tack strips but we are determined to refinish them ourselves.  My office/craft room is getting a complete makeover.  Along with the floor and new paint on the walls I'm painting some existing furniture as well as adding a few new pieces.  I'm going to try and make a new craft table for my projects...we'll see how that goes.  All the rooms are also getting crown molding and new base boards so that will be a huge improvement!

All in all I really don't like home improvement projects, it seems like something ALWAYS goes wrong or not how you expected and the rooms are in total disarray but I know all of the improvements will help with the re-sell/renting. 

Pictures coming soon!

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