February 7, 2012

sunny in seattle

We've had a ton of sunshine these past few days, which is unusual for us.  I had time to get out for a walk today and it was SOOO nice!!  I think my mood is just better when it's sunny, even if I'm having a dizzy day the sun is great.

This past weekend the hubs and I had a night away at a local resort and casino.  I purchased a night when they were having a cyber monday sale so I was able to get the room for half off.  I was skeptical on whether or not it would actually look like the picture.  It exceeded my expectations, the room was amazing.  The bathroom was awesome- the shower had three body sprayers.  Crazy! 

We had dinner at the "fancy" restaurant in the hotel, while it was pricey, we don't get to do things like that very much so it was a splurge.  The casino was meh!  I hate all the smoking, we did win a little bit on the slots and when I say little I mean little.  :)  We also had a drink in the lounge/bar hot spot in the casino, that only made me feel old and really glad that I'm happily married.  It was fun to get away and have some quality couple time.

This week is full of a little blog designing, dinner with an old friend, the hubby's birthday and my photography class I just started last week.  Next week is Valentine's Day and I've pinned so many cute ideas on Pinterest but I have no clue which one I want to do!

Anyhoo...have a great week!!

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