December 18, 2011

mamma's new ride

Well I said the other post was my last...but I got a new car last night and I'm excited so I had to post about it!

I didn't want a sedan or a mini van and we all ready have a SUV- so what's a girl to choose?  How about a Mazda 5!? It's not a van or a wagon...they call it a mini mini van or a mini wagon.  There's really no name for it.  It's a car but the back doors open like a mini van which is nice for getting things in and out- it also has a third row of seats. 

This car is fully loaded...heated leather seats, AC (of course), sun roof, blue tooth can even program your garage door opener so you just have to press a button on your rear view mirror and your garage door opens.  AND it has an auto setting for your head lights and and wipers so you never have to turn them off or on- they turn on automatically.  Cool huh??  The whole process was all car negotiations are but the hubsters was tough and he got them to what he wanted.  Score for mamma!

The only thing that would be nice is more cubbies and storage space.  I didn't realize how much stuff I had hidden away in our xterra until I had to clean it out.  I had to downsize to get it to fit in the Mazda. We'll most likely do our traveling with the third row of seats tucked down so it creates a lot of space in the back for groceries, long trips, etc.

From the pics it totally looks like a mini can see better ones at the Mazda site HERE.

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