November 14, 2011

busy busy

This past weekend the hubs and I were able to get away for a date afternoon.  We went to see Tower Heist which was pretty funny.  Did a little shopping at Bath and Body Works and Claire's.  I even picked up some of that Girl Scout lip balm I blogged about a few days ago.  It's always nice to have some alone time with your significant other--adult conversation and a meal where you're not having to watch your little ones like a hawk so nothing gets spilled.

In a couple of days I'll be headed to sunny Arizona to spend a girls weekend with my best friend.  We're going to see ...wait for it... wait for it...

Oh snap...Breaking Dawn part 1...well we're going to see all of them.  That should be fun...a lot of sitting but lots of laughing at the cheesy acting too.

What else is new??  Working on things for my first cookie party in December.  Seeing lots of cool ideas online and in the stores- especially Target!  I can never get out of that store with just my list items.  I always find something I just have to have.  Oh -- I found this neat idea from the Little Pumpkin Grace blog, a Northpole Breakfast.  I'm going to have one with my son so of course I bought some items for that.  DANG YOU TARGET!

Have a fabulous week...leaving you with something to drool over!

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