November 22, 2011

back and busy!

I had a blast in Arizona!  The sun was out and it was in the upper 70's, I all ready miss it.  Nothing but cold and rain here in the Seattle area.  Joy joy!  We saw Breaking Dawn, well we actually saw all of them in a row thursday night.  It's definitely better to see it with true Twilight fans.  We went again on Sunday and there was no woot wooting, clapping or anything...they hardly laughed at the funny parts.  When we saw it the first time there was clapping- cheering and lots of awwwws.  Much better!

Breaking Dawn was good- probably the best yet.  What totally baffles me is moms who bring their little kids...what's the deal with that?  The movie is PG-13 for a reason- I don't want to watch it with a noisy 2 year old behind me...or a 8 year old sitting next to me.  And yes that happened the second time we saw it.  Talk about awkward and inappropriate.  Come on moms!

Speaking of movies...Snow White looks likes it's going to be awesome!  A new Underworld movie is coming out too!  Oh...The Hunger Games- read it or don't read it??  Give me your thoughts.

Anyways...moving right along.  I just can't believe Thanksgiving is in two days, it snuck up on me!  We'll be spending it with my hubby's parents.  I'm in charge of dessert and everyone is requesting cake balls so I guess I'll be making those along with pies.  Today I volunteered at my son's school during their Thanksgiving Feast.  I used to be a preschool teacher so I had to reign myself in a bit.  I don't remember the kids being quite so squirrely or maybe I just don't have as much tolerance or energy?  It was fun and I enjoyed seeing my son interact with his classmates.

I have a lot to do so signing off for the week!  Happy Thanksgiving!!

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