November 13, 2011

baby shower gifts

Remember this post?  Well I put some of that fabric to good use.  I friend of mine just had a baby boy and the theme for the nursery is cowboy with colors teal, red and brown.

First off... I made some burp cloths.  I then took a store bought flannel blanket and added a soft side to it to make it a two sided blanket.  I used that nubby super soft fabric that you find a lot on baby blankets-- you know the kind I'm talking about right?  Well it's the hardest fabric I've ever sewn in my life!  It's stretchy so I sewed around one side trying to keep the sides lined up and I'd get around to the other side and those sides would be completely off!  It was soooo hard!!!  They turned out okay just don't look too close at the stitching.

I also created a hanging bunting for the nursery.  I started off with the colors brown (with the horses), teal and the red handkerchief fabric but I was really looking for some vintage cowboy fabric and couldn't find it anywhere.   Well low and behold a new Hobby Lobby just opened up nearby (we finally got one!) and they had some of the fabric.  I took out the teal and just kept it with the brown, red and cowboy print.  It was my first time making one of these.  I used a wool felt as the backing.  It turned out pretty cute I think.

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