October 13, 2011

scary movies

I went for a walk today and started thinking about scary movies...is that weird?  Well maybe it was because I was by myself, and we live out in the country so there's no sidewalks or that many people driving by...perfect storm for thinking about all the bad things that could happen to you right?  HA!  I used to love scary movies when I was younger, but not anymore.  The problem with seeing all of them is now they're in my memory banks. 

So my top 3 scary movies of all time-- just in time for Halloween I suppose.  Now you might not think these are scary but I can be a total wienie...

The Strangers
The bad guys harass a couple (out in the country) for no reason and wear masks...really creepy masks.  It's supposedly loosely based on a true story- that makes it worse in my opinion.

The Ring
After seeing this movie how can you ever get the image of the gross lady crawling out of the tv out of your mind?  You can't!  And that scene where she comes out of the well thing?  UGH!

The Grudge
Eck...the little hissing boy...the thing coming down the stairs?  oh boy...wish I never saw this one.

Notice all the movie titles are two namers?  Weird- I guess any movie that starts with "the" is bound to be scary!  What movies give you the heeby jeebies??

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