September 4, 2011

Superhero Party & Giveaway

It all started with this custom invitation from Party Box Design.

I found some awesome yellow chevron print fabric and Jess included it in the invitation for me.  Basically everything was built around the fabric- is that crazy?  I purchased 5 yards of it so I knew I would be using a lot of it.

I started preparing for D-Man's party 6 months ago, collecting and making things I knew I wanted to include.  Now is it as fancy as some of those other parties you see out there? Probably not but the main thing is that everyone has fun.  The day was hot and very muggy.  Before my eyes things were melting and falling off boards...oh and it was windy.  So things didn't exactly go as planned but I'm working on "going with the flow".  My bestie flew in to help me and my husband was a huge help.  He has to do most of the heavy labor!

Okay so here goes... the lovely birthday banner is from Party Box Design.  Our whole backyard is fenced in so we decorated it with the banner and signage.  We created a "bat cave" with one of our dome tents.  Honestly I don't know how the kids could go in there it was so hot but they loved it!
The sweet 2 sided centerpieces that say "Duke's Super 5th Birthday" were created by The Purple Pug.  I made the capes to go with the "photo booth".

Oh and there's Mr. Wolverine...the birthday boy.
Below you'll find Wonder Woman and Elasta Girl (me and the bestie)  :)
I always go a little crazy with the party favors- It's probably my favorite part of a party.  I had so many this year I set up a favor station.  I spray painted my son's old diaper changing table blue and inserted the yellow chevron panels on the sides.  Since I didn't want the back open I also put up a blue chevron print.  
I also created a matching thank you board that coordinated with his invitation.

Halfway through we had to peel him out of his costume and change into shorts and his cool Wolverine shirt we purchased from My Personalized Tees.

Superhero Drink Bottles for the kids
Bottled water (the mini kind- they are too cute)
Lightning Lemonade
Icy Iced Tea
Hero Sandwich
Pow Pasta Salad
Ka-Boom Kettle Chips
Wham Watermelon

4 Layer Superhero Cake

The teacher in me always includes a craft, this year it was star keychains that the kids filled with sand.

 For the adults I made Caped Push Pops filled with m&m's.

For the kids we had:
Cookies (I won these from a Rollin' in Dough giveaway)
Slingshot superheroes
Clippies I made for the girls (red, blue and yellow)
I made each child a Clue Keeper (included a homemade notebook and crayons), sort of like a crayon roll
Rescue Ropes (licorice)
Superhero Duckies
Superhero Bath Pops (from the awesome Feeling Smitten)
And in the lunchbox there were little bags filled with Pop Rocks and Superhero Gummies

I did have a few more things but sadly they melted in the scorching heat!  BOOHOO!

Each child picked out their own items and got to put them in those awesome superhero bags created by Cherished Blessings.

I wanted to include elements that I don't see in every other superhero party out there and hopefully I accomplished that.  The kids and adults had a wonderful time.  I'm not gonna lie I didn't get to rest much and was totally exhausted by the time it was all said and done.  

This year I hired a photographer so my bff could actually enjoy the party instead of having to watch her three kiddos, party and take pictures.  I hired Vicki of Victoria Lynn Photography and she was wonderful!!!  I met with her beforehand and she totally "got" me and my vision of what I wanted.  She was on top of everything and each special event.  I even saw her book it across the yard when my mom and dad revealed his new bike.  She captured his face perfectly.  *sigh* I'm getting weepy just thinking about it.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he's 5 now.  WAHHH!!!!

There are a lot more pictures of the guests but for privacy sake I just posted the decor, food, favors and a few of D-Man and myself.

I thought it would be fun to offer a superhero giveaway- what do you think??

Up for grabs a goodie bag filled with...

1 Cape
2 Masks
2 Superhero Bath Pops 
Crayon Clue Keeper
Candy Treats
2 Sets of a Hair Clippies
2 Sling Shot Superheroes
Superhero Rubber Duckie

All you have to do is leave a comment!
Giveaway Ends September 12th 
US Residents Only

Party Box Design...Congrats!

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