September 6, 2011

Soap Hope {Feature}

I would like to share with you a wonderful company that is not only offering fabulous bath and body products but using their profits from those sales to help empower women around the world.

Amazing Products
Premium all-natural products for your life
Body * Face * Home * Bath * Cosmetics

Amazing Mission
100% of profits go to life women from poverty
Healthcare * Education * Water * Opportunity

Here is how Soap Hope works...

Helping Women Everywhere. 
We believe that every woman in the world who wants an opportunity to support herself and her family should have that opportunity. That's why we created the GOOD RETURNS business model on which Soap Hope was founded. It's simple: every dollar of profit earned by a Good Returns company goes first to an institution that uses it to solve world problems. After those profits have spent a year in service, the money is returned to Soap Hope. It's like the Peace Corps for money: we volunteer every dollar for a year of service.

Heart and Mind.
Soap Hope is a for-profit company with a non-profit mission. We designed the Good Returns model on purpose to combine the best of the business and non-profit worlds. Soap Hope runs with the efficiency and power of a business - then uses the profits with the heart of a nonprofit.
Women are the key to ending poverty. Women save more, invest more, and are more likely to use their earnings to educate their children and break the cycle of poverty. Soap Hope creates a wonderful connection between successful women and developing women: successful women buy our products, and developing women use our programs to lift themselves from poverty.

A Movement For Good. 
Our goal is to be a model company that thousands of others will emulate. It will only take fifty companies in twenty cities across America to create one billion dollars for women worldwide. We started Soap Hope with a simple idea: provide healthful, wholesome, top-of-the-line products to customers - then use all the profits to help women in need at home and 

Sounds pretty good doesn't it? You might be wondering what kinds of companies and products Soap Hope works with? Soap Hope works with well known companies that are offering top notch bath and body products. Indigo Wild happens to be one of my favorite companies- love the Frankincense and Myrrh goat's milk soap bar.  Along with Indigo Wild Soap Hope has teamed up with Badger, Biokleen, Fraiche, Hugo Naturals, Pangea Organics and many more.  You will also find a wide variety of products such as make up, soap, lotions, shower gel, candles & room mists, baby items, laundry soaps and even items for your pet!

Here is just a small sample...

Be sure to check out the "Deals" page as there are ton of sweet discounts from a number of the companies.

You can check out Soap Hope's Website HERE.

Have fun shopping for a good cause!

** I received a sample product from the listed company in return for a honest product review. I did not receive any other form of compensation.**

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