September 20, 2011

Bring On Fall

While we didn't have much of a summer here in the pacific northwest I'm ready for fall!

This past weekend I spent an AMAZING weekend in the outdoors with about 150 other women.  I participated in women's outdoor retreat up in the woods where you learned all kinds of outdoor skills such as fly fishing, dutch oven cooking, archery, tracking, map and name it, they offered it.  I wasn't raised in an "outdoorsy" family but I married into it!  My husband is an avid fisherman and hunter so I thought it was time for me to expand my skills with this weekend workshop.  I took top 10 medicinals, survival skills and big game hunting as well as an emergency preparedness class.  The instructors were all so nice and supportive as well as all the participants.  Not only do you gain a plethora of knowledge but you meet a lot of wonderful women.  My next step is to pass my basic hunting skills class that you have to take through the state of Washington and then possibly next year a hunting trip with the hubsters!!  We're thinking about an archery season but who knows- I'm not convinced I can aim at what I'm pointing at so we'll see.  I encourage any woman to see if there is a program like this in your area- maybe check your state's Fish and Wildlife website because they are a lot of fun!!

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