August 29, 2011


Well we survived the superhero party!  It was hot & humid...some items totally melted in the didn't go as planned but aside from that everyone had fun including the birthday boy.

I'm hoping to have pictures by the end of the week so you can see all the mayhem.  I'll be short on posts this week until then as I have a lot to clean up and I'm just pooped.

Have a great week!

August 22, 2011


Wonder Woman is in full party planning mode!  Have a great week!

August 17, 2011

missing in action for awhile

Sorry for the lack of posts.  Life has gotten very busy!  Our monitor went out on our desktop and the new one doesn't arrive until next week so in the meantime I'm using my teeny computer, which is fine but it's small and my eyes have been a bit wonky lately.

We're also dog sitting which I think has sent my allergies through the roof- goodie!

Next week my BFF arrives and then we'll be in full superhero party mode.

Have a great rest of the week!

And for fun because it's true...

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August 12, 2011

halloween invitations by party box design

I know Halloween all ready?  BUT these invites from Party Box Design are too cute not to feature...check them out...
You can grab yours at

August 5, 2011

blog designs for sale

These are two of my favorite designs and I thought I would offer them up if anyone would like them.

Polka dot Cupcake Template Includes...
  • Customized Background/Header (I am willing to switch out colors)
  • 150x150 Ad Button with html grab it box
  • Two columns
  • Custom Welcome message on side bar
  • Up to 8 sidebar titles (not linked)
  • Customized text/link colors
  • Installation of design
Cost: $65.00

Mod Template Includes...
  • Customized Background/Header (I am willing to switch out colors)
  • 150x150 Ad Button with html grab it box
  • Three columns
  • Customized text/link colors
  • Installation of design
Cost: $65.00

I can be contacted via email here.

August 4, 2011


Once upon a time there was a boy who was in the Navy, he was from Texas. There was a girl, she lived in Washington. One day the Navy boy came to Washington to see his aunt and uncle. His aunt and uncle went to the same church that the girl did. The aunt and uncle set up their Navy boy nephew with the girl...on a blind date.

Well that boy and girl hit it off. So they started writing letters to each other. That romantic boy called up the girl and said, "so you think we should get married?" *swoon* What a proposal! She called him back and said "are you asking me to marry you?" She said yes.

The Texas sailor moved to Washington and they got married.

A couple of years later that girl and boy became parents to a little boy...two years later a little girl and two years later another little boy. Three crazy was never boring. 

As time went on the parents worked hard to provide a wonderful life for their kiddos. Through good times and bad, finding money for Christmas presents even though that father was on strike with his work, saving up money to go to Disneyland or road trips to Oregon and South Dakota, staying up late to help the kiddos with homework and school projects. When the kiddos put those parents through hell with mistakes they made, the parents never gave up on them, they were always there. The parents were tough and strict at times but always loving and accepting.

Years later those kiddos became parents of their own and turned those parents into Grandparents, 
Maw & Paw.

Maw and Paw always stayed busy, isn't that the way of life? Maw went back to school and got her Bachelors and Paw went back to school and got his Bachelors and Masters.

Today Maw & Paw celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary (no easy feat in this day and age.) They made a commitment through thick and thin - for better or worse. It hasn't been easy...marriage never is. Christ has remained the center of their marriage and hearts. 

To my mom & dad…thank you for being wonderful parents.
I love you!

August 3, 2011

ninjas & cupcakes

sidewalk chalk = great way to pass the day

August 1, 2011


Okay so I know it's kind of annoying when people post pictures of what they bought and how much they saved so don't get too irritated at me.

There is only one store I know of that doubles coupons in our area- and that's Alberton's.  Unlike a lot of stores that double though, you only get two coupons to double in one transaction and there is a limit of three transactions.  So that means you only get to double 6 coupons.  Not great, but hey it's something right?  Oh and you only get three days to use them!  I was reading on some blogs that they're getting really annoyed at Albertson's and saying it's not even worth it to make the trip.  Oh well, it seems worth it to me if it's something our family uses.

I carted munchkin pants off to the store early this morning to get my 6 items.  Here they are...

Two boxes of Texas Toast for the freezer/stockpile
Toothpaste for the stockpile
1 Box of cookies for the stockpile
2 Bags of twizzlers for my son's party at the end of the month.

Total for 6 items was $3.89.  On the three transactions I saved 85%, 77%, 86% not too shabby.

I've been struggling my way through this couponing craze, following "the rules"...and I still don't see how those extreme couponers purchase and save so much.  Most stores are really strict now and I noticed on most of my coupons there is a 4 coupon limit for a single item.  It boggles my mind.  I'm okay with building my stockpile slowly but surely.  Like the FabuLESSly Frugal ladies say- it's extreme couponing done right.
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