July 8, 2011

what's new?

This week has been super busy, sorry for the lack of posts.

We had a nice quiet fourth, with just us.  It was the first time we bought fireworks for munchkin pants.  We're not that into them...and we especially don't like spending a wad of cash on something that blows up.  He had so much fun with them...I mean Snakes--come on?!?...they're not exciting at all unless you're 4.  We let the neighbors spend all the money, they put on a good show. 

I promised to blog a little bit about Vegas.  The hubby was there for a huge conference, 14,000 people to be exact, on top of the usual Vegas visitors.  I had a good time relaxing by the pool (munchkin pants had a sleepover at friends).  It was SOOO hot...well probably not hot to some of you but for us in the Northwest it was hot!  107 to be exact.  I was good and put on my sunscreen but missed a few spots, like the top of my feet...uh...yea...that hurts!!  Don't forget your feet!!!

We ate at some nice restaurants, ridiculous prices but that's pretty much standard through out Vegas.  We ate at Todd English's Olives at the Bellagio...super fancy!

We also saw the Blue Man Group at The Venetian...it was pretty good.  Half the time you sit there petrified because they go out into the audience and pull people up onto the stage-- I HATE THAT!  So I slumped down in my seat trying to look non interested and tried not to make eye contact!  lol!  They are amazing drummers though and it was funny.

We walked around the strip- saw the volcano explode at The Mirage and tried to see the pirate show at Treasure Island- waited a hour in the hot hot windy weather only to have it canceled due to the winds.  That was a bummer!  All in all we had fun, kind of short but it was nice to relax. 

What else...

I finished up a blog design for Her Royal Heinous, Queen Bee...it turned out pretty cute!  The logo was designed by Magnolia Creative.

Have a great weekend!!

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