July 25, 2011

vacation properties

We spent a lovely sunny weekend driving through the Cascades to Leavenworth.  If you don't know much about Washington, we are divided by the Cascade Mountains.  I live on the western side where we get lots of rain, the eastern side gets lots of SUN!  It's very hot there.  Leavenworth is a Bavarian town, beyond fun!  They get tons of international travelers.  Perfect place to shop till you drop.

Anyway ...we looked at some vacation properties there right outside of Leavenworth.  It's just under 2 hours from our house plus the summers are usually always sunny.  We've had a really bad summer here, hardly any sun.  The properties ran from 49,000 (no septic or water) to 89,00.  This is just a small lot...ouch!  Not insane but then you have to think about what you're going to put on the property and the expense of it.  We'd probably start small with a trailer and then eventually a small cabin.

Who knows what will happen, we can dream right??

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