July 21, 2011


My son has been battling seasonal allergies for a couple of years now.  Usually it begins with sneezing and a drippy nose.  Then it progresses (like clockwork) to a very aggressive cough (and when I say aggressive I mean like every 5 seconds he's letting out a cough).  Sometimes he would throw up from all the coughing and post nasal drip.  Then after 2 days of that the coughing would stop and we might get a couple more days of the runny nose.  On numerous occasions his eyes would decide to get in on the action, they would get so red and puffy it looked like he had been socked in both eyes.

Not pretty.

Last year I took him to an ENT doctor and he prescribed my son a nose spray and said to use an over the counter allergy medicine such as Claritin or Zyrtec.  So we did that for awhile along with a humidifier and it seemed to work.

This summer they got really bad once again.  During one bout he was coughing so bad he started wheezing- that really scared me.  Off to the walk in clinic we went and the doctor did indeed hear the wheezing (duh!) and prescribed an inhaler.  During the next bout (2 weeks later) his eyes got so bad we went back to the walk in clinic and he was diagnosed with allergy conjunctivites and  prescribed eye drops.  The inhaler and the drops helped quite a bit.

I kept thinking to myself there has to be something better than all these bandaid fixes- but maybe not.  I decided to get a second opinion and took him to a allergy specialist that my friend takes her son to.  She was wonderful with D-Man (definite bonus) and she went ahead and did the dreaded allergy test on him (which by the way the former ENT would not do because he said D-Man was too young).  He endured the awful test like a trooper (it was super horrible for a mom to see- eck!).  He had an instant reaction to grass and pollen which we knew but we also found out he's severely allergic to dust mites.  AUGH!!!!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm totally OCD about cleaning.  And yes I know you can't prevent dust mites they are everywhere!!  But still....so gross!!  Even more nasty for someone like me who's a germaphobe.  They gave us the dust mite speech (insert gagging) on what to do.  Of course when I got home I ordered encasings for his bedding and pillow from Allergy Control, hopefully this will help him!  Other than that she said his medications are fine and to just use the inhaler and eye drops as needed.

Now I know some children have it so much worse...with food allergies that can be deadly but this has been such an awful experience I thought I would reach and see if anyone else has had these issues?  If so...any tips??


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