June 11, 2011

health update

Okay so remember this post?  I'm doing much better!  Bladder is fine and was actually fine 2 days after I saw the urologist---isn't that always the way of things?

I had a second ultrasound on my uterus that showed the same wall thickness but also showed an endometrial polyp.  My primary care physician referred me to a gynecologist.  I took the quickest available appt which was the next day.  Let's face it...meeting a guy doctor to talk about health problems in "that area" is never comfortable.  He was great though, he explained everything really well and told me about different options.  He went ahead and did a biopsy and I found out yesterday it came back clear.  I cried with relief.  Since that came back normal (thank you Jesus) I'm going to try some minor treatments first to help alleviate some of my issues and then go ahead and recheck everything in 6 months.  If the polyp is still there it will be removed.  In some cases treatment can shrink the polyp. 

Thanks everyone for prayers and well wishes!  They never go unnoticed and are very much appreciated.

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