May 30, 2011

albertsons mini haul

Albertsons was having a great summer deal where if you bought 10 items from a list (which were all items we used) you could get $5.00 off.  So I grabbed my coupon notebook and set off for the store with my manufacturer coupons and double coupons. 

I bought...
2 Gatorades
3 Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Saunce
1 Mustard
1 Mayo
1 Ranch
2 Packs of Hot Dogs

I lost one of my coupons or my savings would have been a lot better!  So mad about that- oh well.  I'm just beginning so I'm bound to screw up every now and again.  I still got it all for $8.13 which was a 76% savings.  Next time my goal is 80-90% savings. 

My local newspaper also has a great deal where I can get 3 extra sunday papers so we're going to purchase that deal tomorrow.  So that's 4 sunday papers (we all ready received the paper fri-sun) with the coupon inserts- Red Plum and Smart in store coupons.  Woot woot!

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