April 29, 2011

what's new?

It's been a busy week!  I guess the Royal Wedding is the biggest news for the week.  I admit I got tired of all the hub bub...I mean it's cool and all but...it's all consuming for some.  I didn't intend to watch the wedding but it was on TLC when I got up so I watched it.  Kate looked stunning...such a knock out.  I've always been a fan of wedding dresses with sleeves (mine had them!) so I'm sure that'll be the "new thing" since it seems like all you ever see are strapless dresses these days.  And she did her own makeup...I did my own too...I'm a total trend setter (just kidding- I still dress like I'm in college hehe).  Anyways- it was beautiful and I hope they have a happy life together.

Can I say how proud I am of my munchkin pants?!?  He's taking private swimming lessons at our club not because we're snobs but because he was way too distracted when there were other kids in his class.  We did have a not so great incident happen so for our own peace of mind we just consider the cost well worth it.  I sat in on the last 5 minutes of class this past week.  He showed me all his new "tricks"...he's swimming on his back by himself for about half a minute kicking his way to his teacher, he dives underwater to grab the teacher's goggles (a game they play), he's jumping in...it was so great.  I got teary eyed.  He's improved so much, so worth it!

Yesterday we went to a horse farm for a preschool field trip and he was set on only riding the pony, which he did but he decided to ride last minute on the "BIG" one.  No straps or anything to hold him in...I might of had to do a little deep breathing!  :)  He rode like a champ!  My big boy is growing up-- WAHHH!!!!

I started my restrictive diet this past monday- it's going fine so far.  I've decided to cut out dairy too so it doesn't leave me much, just veggies, meat and carbs. Thrillsville!  I did go ahead and get some Kava which is a hard to find coffee that is acid neutralized.  It's pretty good and fuels my habit so everything is more tolerable.

Next month we're headed to Great Wolf Lodge...so excited.  I love it there just as much as my son.  We're in definite need of a vacation after a month of stressful health issues.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter- I know we did.  Munchkin pants got a dog Pillow Pet from the Easter bunny-- it hasn't left his side since he got it.  So sweet!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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