April 1, 2011

washcloth candies tutorial

 I'm hoping to share a couple of fun baby shower gift ideas with you in the next few weeks.

First up...Washcloth Candies


 I printed these stickers via Online Labels.
 Lay out the washcloths flat, these washcloths measure 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches...but you could use any size.
 Fold over corner to corner.
 Start rolling the corners towards the middle...make sure to keep it snug but it doesn't have to be super tight.
 Roll until you have a tube shape keeping the seam down.
 Start rolling one end to meet the other end.
 You have your candy!  Now the top side is always better looking then the bottom, don't worry though the "ugly" backside won't show.
 Place your candy in the cellophane square (about 9x9 inches) with the top side facing down- the "ugly" backside will be facing up...tape the cellophane.  This part can be tricky because sometimes the candy will want to unroll.  Just keep it all tight!
 Turn over and tie off each end with a piece of ribbon.

 Now turn the candy back over and cover up the tape and the backside with your cute sticker.  This circle sticker measures 2 inches.  You could also use cardstock with a circle or scallop punch then just tape (use double sided) it on the back instead of a sticker.  OR you don't have to use anything but I think it looks prettier this way.
 Trim your ribbon ends so they look nice and get rolling with your other washcloths!

The candies look cute in a little box with shred.
This ideas can also be used for birthday parties--spa parties...etc just use a larger size washcloth.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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