April 20, 2011

i'm not gonna lie...

life has been stressful for me these past two weeks.  If you don't want to hear about all my health problems or you think it's TMI...then don't read this post.

I went to the doc's last week with two issues- bladder and uterus.  Fun eh??  I won't get too descriptive on ya don't worry.  I was facebooking with a good friend of mine who has had some issues too - let's face it-women are really good at sympathising/commiserating with each other.  I know I'm putting myself out there but in my opinion you always feel better if you know someone who has gone through similar experiences.

I had a bladder infection (they think) which caused a lot of pain and the constant need to use the bathroom.  It's getting better but I followed up with a Urologist today.  After a very invasive exam she thought that my problems could be resolved with a special "bladder" diet.  This means no alcohol, hardly any fruit, sugar, tomatoes, coffee (*HELP*), carbonated beverages, and the list goes on.  On Monday I have to go extreme and cut out everything!  If my symptoms improve then I'll know the problem is due to something I'm eating.  If they don't then it's onto the next step which is probably meds.  She also noticed I have a heart murmur...which I remember a doc telling me ages ago- but no other doc had picked up.  So I guess I get to add that to my list of things to talk about at my next appt.

Now for the uterus...after an ultrasound and another invasive exam they noticed that I have a tiny fibroid and a borderline thickened wall.  I have a follow up ultrasound in June to check the thickness once again.  What does that mean??  Well I guess if you have a thickened wall it could prompt them to order a biopsy for fear of uterine cancer.  I'm really hoping and praying that that's not what it is and that my issues are hormone related.  Trying to stay positive that it's nothing serious but prayers would be great!!

I'm really thankful for wonderful insurance, top doctors who live in our area (Seattle) and a hubby who supports me and can work from home when I need to jet off to these appts.  I guess the moral to the story is- if you're healthy- don't take if for granted!

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