April 11, 2011

diaper milkshake tutorial

Another fun Baby Shower Gift tutorial for you...Diaper Milkshakes...or Layette Milkshakes.

Four Full Sizes Washcloths
Four Size One Diapers
Four White Onesies
Four Clear Cold Beverage Cups with Lids (I got mine at Cash & Carry--I think they are 24oz.)
Beverage Tray (for presentation-- again I got mine at Cash & Carry)

Lay your washcloth flat (I purchased these at Kohl's)
Fold the tag edge in towards the center.
Fold in half and flip washcloth over so you see that band/trim.  (your first fold is now on top)
Place one diaper on top of your washcloth.
Start rolling...
until you get to the end.
Place inside the cup.
For the onesie, the "whip cream" fold snaps and arms towards center.
Bunch up into a little pile.
Put the bunch in your lid and snap lid on the cup.  You could stop at this point...but I like a little topper.
You could either do a red sock as a "cherry" or use a faux cherry.  I had some faux strawberries on hand so I just used those.  Place your topper in the lid first.
Smush the onesie around the topper and place on top of the cup.
Never hurts to add a cute sticker to each cup.
I couldn't stop with just a strawberry so I cut a striped straw in half and tucked one in each cup next to the strawberry.
Strawberry Milkshakes!!!
You don't have to use a beverage tray...you could put them in a little box or whatever you might have around the house.  The gift looks great when you wrap it up in cellophane and tie it off with a bow and tag.

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