March 11, 2011

What a WEEK!

Yes I redid the blog a bit...not totally happy with it, but didn't want it looking too boring.  I'm sure it will change again soon but for now it's fine.  I thought I had a set design in my mind last week but then once it was up it didn't have the feeling I was looking for.

It's been quite the week...feeling dizzy all week.  It's really hard since last week I felt really good!  Being dizzy really makes me grumpy- then the hubs put in long hours, and my father in law was hospitalized (he's okay now - no worries), met with an architect then getting ready to go to the bank asking for money...isn't exactly a walk in the park.  Well and today is my birthday...not going to lie...I'm feeling OLD!  They say you're only as old as you feel...yea...feeling ancient!  I think I've mentioned that my hubby is totally awesome?  Well he was going to surprise me with an iPad 2...which come out tonight but he said I could get whatever.  So...since I have a phone that pretty much does everything an iPad does...I'm looking into getting one these...

Cool huh?  You can take out the monitor and use like an e-reader or tablet.  Costco has a good deal on them- cheaper than Dell.

Tonight we're going out to dinner and then maybe some fun activities this weekend.  Kind of hard to really get into it- since Japan is in ruins with that awful earthquake!  Oy vey...just terrible!

Here's me trying to get into the mood...

 Oh yes I'm the BIG 35 !! officially in my mid 30's double blech!

By the way I won that character drawing in a giveaway from Maree Truelove- I've used her graphics before- they're great!

Anyhoo...have a great weekend!!  Party on!

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