March 29, 2011

uploading pictures to blogger tutorial

I've had several people ask: how do you get your pictures bigger when creating a post?  When you are uploading a large photo blogger will automatically make it smaller but there are a couple of ways you can fix this.  This is just ONE way.

First you need to make sure your editor is updated.

To do this click on your "Settings" tab and scroll down until your find "Select Post Editor" ---> Click on "Updated Editor" (see image) ---> Click on "Save Settings".

It's helpful to know what size your main posting area is--this will determine how wide you want to shrink your images down to.  For instance my main posting area is 580px but you have to take into account margins and padding so I shrink all my images down to 550px.  You can use different types of software/programs for resizing your photos.  I use photoshop but you can also use photobucket- which is free.

Click on the picture icon...

Click on "Choose files"...and upload image

Click on "Add Selected" ...(it has a blue box around it)

Now when blogger inserts your image it will appear smaller...

All you need to do is is click on the image and select "original size"...


After...(by choosing "original size)...

I hope that makes sense!  If you have any questions please just leave a comment and let me know!

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