March 1, 2011

Superhero Planning & More

There are some great superhero parties I've been seeing around the web...great for inspiration but also means the theme might get old...oh well ...try convincing a 4 year old of that!  I tried to offer up a few other suggestions- nope- he's having none of it...Superheroes it is. 

Since I'm an overplanner I had some time yesterday to mess around with a few things.  I created a booklet to keep all my ideas/inspiration in and some cute personalized address labels.  Working with my favorite party gal for original and unique party invites, but that's hush hush for now!

In other news...I've been doing lots of reading, baking, cleaning...updating a few websites for friends--never a dull moment.  Did you check out the new Milk and Cookeez website?  It turned out so set it apart from other sites we added a "landing page"...or a welcome page.  Plus the new design is simple and super easy to navigate-- big plus! You can check it here

We've been shopping around for new homes and while we would love to upgrade...I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon with the current market.  We could swing it if we didn't have to pay the nasty real estate fees or if we sold our home ourselves.  We're moving onto plan B, which is a remodel.  How exciting is that??  Nothing is set in stone--still a lot of hurdles.  We would be adding a mud room/pantry/family room/ half bath and a remodel of our current bathrooms.  We're having three contractors come out and take a look.  We really like the area we live in but just need a bit more room.  Keeping fingers crossed it all works out!

I have so much fun shopping Etsy- especially bath and body products.  I've ordered from Naiad Soap Arts before...the Cardamom Vanilla Marshmallow soap.  It was pure heaven...smelled so good!  Well when I saw the Cardamom Vanilla Sugar Whipped Soap...I had to snatch it up.  Just got it in the mail yesterday (don't you love the mail?  minus the bills??).  Ah...just love it!!  And a reasonable price too.

Okay...enough rambling for one day!

Have a great week!

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