March 9, 2011

a simple patch

I'm not claiming to be any sort of sewing expert proceed with caution.  :)

If you have children- holey jeans are inevitable...exhibit A...
I remember my mom patching our jeans when we were young- those rounded rectangle patches- remember those?  I'm sure you can still buy them at certain one stop shopping stores.  I thought I would try my hand at making a patch.  It was probably more labor intensive then necessary- but I'm willing to try most things at least once.

I trimmed all the scraggly pieces off around the hole.  I cut out a simple shape- a car with tires.  I used a fusable interfacing to adhere the tires onto the car body.
I used the fusable interfacing again and placed a piece of the blue fabric under the hole and ironed it.  Then just used a basic stitch to close the hole (don't you love my technical terms?).
Using the interfacing again- I ironed on the patch.  You can see the seam a bit under the patch- but I knew my son wouldn't care and at this point the whole process is all ready taking way too long so I didn't care either.
I used matching embroidery thread to hand stitch around the whole thing.  I did wash them- and there was a smidgy bit of fraying but I like to think it adds to the "charm"...and my son was it's all good!

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