March 9, 2011

let's not be pretentious

Drastic times call for drastic measures...when you are hankering for cuppy cake...and don't want to go through the hassle of baking from scratch- Duncan Hines can be your best friend.  For the longest time we didn't have any stores that carried Red Velvet...but alas someone must have complained because now we do!  I'm not claiming to be the complainer either so don't look at me!

I've seen a lot of people bake their cupcakes in the cute little white cups I thought I would give them a try.
They are cute in the white cups...but they are a pain to get out!  No one ever says that...the cups are stiff so it doesn't peel away like the traditional cupcake wrapper.  You kind of have to push the cupcake up from the bottom like a push pop.  That could be seriously hazardous at a kids party!  Beware!  Or I guess you could cut them down the side...which would be messy as well.  Anyhoo- I got my red velvet fix!

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